Motivational Messages

Muhammad Ali, when being beaten by George Foreman imagined an unpredictable way to win, demonstrates that fear can ignite our creativity, of all the ways in which we can succeed... [ Read More ]
Babe Ruth, who understood that people are remembered, not for how many time they strick out, but for how many home runs they hit, touch us that, if we are willing to through the rejection, we can reach our exepectetions... [ Read More ]
Presumed Dead, Joe Simpson, with a shattered leg, having fallen into a crevice, and rescued himself, illustrating our ability to perserver throught pain so we assure our on survival during severe circumstance... [ Read More ]
Jakie Robison, with courage, dignity and self respect, reminds us that, if one person can change the attitude of an entire nation, we can change our attitude toward unkindness, and achieve our objectives... [ Read More ]