Art Mortell is the legendary author of so many books including, from McGraw Hill, The Courage to Fail. This was McGraw Hill’s title for Art’s classic lecture How to Enjoy Failure, be Amused by Rejection and Thrive on Anxiety. His most recent book, An Adventure Into Your Mind, has been praised as a must read.

Personal and Professional Leadership Expert

John Maxwell, in his best-selling book, Becoming a Person of Influence, quotes Art’s concepts, that the game of life is synonymous with the game of chess. If you want to become a person of influence you need to develop the ability to think as many moves into the future as possible.

Tom Hopkins, in his best-selling book, acknowledges that two of his chapters are based on what he learned as Art’s student in 1969, that if you want to succeed you first need to learn how to fail.

As a leadership expert, particularly focusing on personal leadership, Art has given over seven hundred presentations for Morgan Stanley, six hundred for IBM, four hundred for Coldwell Bank, three hundred for Merrill Lynch and one hundred for Wells Fargo.

Art has delivered his message internationally in such countries as Australia, the Bahamas, Canada, England, France, Jamaica, Mexico, Singapore and Spain. At the Project Leadership Conference in Paris, Art was listed as “America’s number one motivational technology speaker.”

He has a Graduate Degree from the City University of New York, was a sale representative for IBM for over five years and taught at Pasadena College for four years as well as conducting executive conferences at Pepperdine University in Malibu. More recently he has been a guest instructor at California State College Los Angeles in a class entitled The Psychology of Emotions.

Art is renowned for inspiring people to imagine the various ways to succeed while praised for his practical ideas on how to take on those challenges most people avoid.